Aspen-Snowmass Training Primer from Olympian Alexi Grewal

Alexi Grewal/Team: Eco Cycle/MyBQA  Training for Gran Fondo Italia!

Alexi GrewalWith just days to go until the Gran Fondo Italia Aspen-Snowmass here is a simple training plan that will help you arrive ready to ride, based on Olympian Alexi Grewal’s 40 day training program that he has been following.  Here are the the last 14 days of preparation.

July 27, Sunday: 80% of the estimated time of the Grand Fondo, similar terrain with respect to the 7,000 feet of climbing.

July 28, Monday: 1.5 hours efficiency over distance, fast as I can without getting more tired as this is a recovery day.

July 29, Tuesday: High end, relatively short bursts, 2 hours with concentration on short powerful efforts though I ease into it, 1-3 minute efforts, 75-85% of my threshold, focusing on variable leg speed with different terrains. This can be uncomfortable.

July 30, Wednesday: 2.5 hours, efficiency over distance, the ride builds with greater intensity levels and a 15 minute warm down.

July 31, Thursday: Repeat of Monday’s ride, but wattage will be 10-15% greater due to not having such great fatigue from the weekend.

August 1, Friday: Prep day for the weekend, 2 hours with some increasing efforts at the close of the ride. Not so long to be fatigued but enough to open the legs up for the weekend effort.

BQAAugust 2, Saturday: 50% of the estimated time of the Grand Fondo distance, last 10% of the day’s effort there should be a feeling of fatigue. Pretty fast and not easy, start feeling the real effort at the end.

August 3, Sunday: With 7 days to go this will be 90% of the distance or time of the ride. Not a ride where you dig your grave or you leave the best of yourself on the road, there should be a comfortable feeling at the end of the ride. There are 5 more day’s of training to go.

August 4, Monday: 1.5 hoursRecovery day, efficiency over distance, ride at best speed without discomfort.

August 5, Tuesday: 2 hours, shake down, this will be the ride you will do the day before the Grand Fondo, fairly easy, you should be able to ride without great effort. This is the day you make sure your bike and you are working perfectly.

August 6, Wednesday: 2.5 hours, challenging physical capabilities, how fast can I get up the hills? Testing the limits, a mind set to see where I am at. This is the last day of serious training.

August 7, Thursday: 45 minutes to 1 hour. This is the day to make peace with your bike. So easy that it is lazy, a coffee shop ride.

August 8, Friday: No more than 2 hours, a rise from the dead ride, there should be a “not feeling so great” experience. This is a coffee shop effort until towards the end, where a reconnection is felt after the recovery rides. The reconnection is with the legs and mind. You should feel a little sore and stiff.

August 9, Saturday: 1.5 hours max. This is the third day of recovery so do a few efforts to reconnect to your pain levels. The ride should be enough to bring all your training to the surface but no more!

August 10, Sunday: Soon as the road tilts upward you should be ready to go, effortless movement. Enjoy the Grand Fondo and now you can play!

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