This page includes information and details to help make your ride this weekend safe and enjoyable. Please read it carefully.


ON-SITE REGISTRATION.  If you did not pre-register on, you can register On-Site on Saturday or Sunday at the expo (see below).  You must complete a registration form, sign a waiver, and go directly to the On-Site Registration Line.  Save time by downloading these forms and preparing them before you arrive.  On-Site Registration will cost $130 for the Food, Wine & Colnago Raffle Package, and $90 for the Fun Ride (Goody bag Italian wine, Colnago Raffle and Festa della Pasta post-ride meal not included).  Cash and credit are accepted.

PRE-REGISTRATION PACKET PICK-UP & EXPO.   Each athlete must pick up their packet in-person on Saturday to sign their waiver; get their numbers, wrist band, cue sheets; and receive their goody bag and any pre-purchased merchandise. Expo opens at 10:00 AM.

Gran Fondo Italia Expo

Saturday September 27, 2014 10:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Sunday September 28, 2014 5:30 AM – 6:30 AM (Packet Pickup Only, No On-site Registration Available)

Beverly Canon Gardens

241 N Canon Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90210


The packet pick-up process is:

  1. Fill out and sign a waiver form.  You can download a waiver and prepare it in advance to save time.
  2. Look up your name (by last name) at registration tent, and note your rider number
  3. Go the appropriate package pick-up line (by rider number), where you will receive your technical envelope and goody bag.
  4. Go to the fi’zi:k tent to pick up your registrant gift
  5. If you pre-ordered merchandise, go to the pre-ordered merchandise table.


PACKET PICK UP ON SUNDAY. Please try to pick up your packet on Saturday!  If you absolutely cannot, then you must come to the EXPO AREA on Sunday morning prior to going to the start area!  Packet pick up on Sunday morning is from 5:30 – 6:30 AM only.  Please come early, as we will start on time, with or without you.  To keep things moving, we will not distribute merchandise on Sunday morning.  If you pre-ordered merchandise, you can pick it up following the ride at the expo.

FRIENDS & FAMILY PICK-UP. Packets MAY be picked up for pre-registered friends and family IF you have the following: 1) their signed waiver AND 2) a photocopy of their driver’s license. If either of these 2 items is missing, then the packet may not be collected. NO EXCEPTIONS.

JERSEYS AND OTHER MERCHANDISE.  If you pre-ordered a jersey or other merchandise when you registered, we have it reserved for you.  After you have completed the registration process go to the Merchandise Booth with your ID to pick up any pre-ordered items. If the size you ordered doesn’t fit, we will TRY to exchange it for you, but we cannot guarantee that we will have available stock (we placed our orders based upon your orders).  Go to the on-site jersey sales area to see if they have your preferred size available.

  • If you are unable, or forget to pick up your jersey during the expo we will ship it COD to you.  Please contact us through the website and we will get your jersey shipped to you as soon as possible.
  • If you have pre-ordered merchandise and need to have someone else pick it up for you please provide them with a copy of your receipt and we will be glad to give it to them.
  • In the event that some of the pre-ordered items are unavailable at the expo Gran Fondo Italia will ship you these items at our expense as soon as they are available.  Unfortunately shipments going through customs are not always under our control so please be patient if you are missing some items.
  • If you haven’t pre-ordered merchandise, we will have select items for sale on-site on a First Come – First Served basis.



Yes!  We’d LOVE to have your friends and family members join us as a volunteer.   Sign up form here 


BIKE NUMBERS. All riders must display their bike number on the front of their handlebars. Do not place them behind your saddle, or on your seat post or around your head tube.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 10.49.28 AM

WRISTBAND.  All riders must wear their wristband, found in the technical envelope. Wristbands allow access to aid stations and post-ride lunch (when applicable).

  • Yellow: VIP
  • White: Fun Ride Only
  • Blue: Wine, Food, Ride & Raffle Registration


JERSEY NUMBER. All riders must place their bib number on the back of their jersey; on the pockets on the left side is preferred.

START LOCATION.  400 Block of N. Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills, CA  90120.

Please enter the starting area from Brighton and Rodeo Drive.  Please do NOT attempt to enter from Santa Monica Boulevard.  Riders with VIP access wristbands should proceed up the sidewalk to the front VIP corral.


***Please note that the ride does NOT start at the same location as the Expo and allow yourself some time to get from parking to the start line ***


START TIME. The start area will open at approximately 6:15 AM. All riders must be in the staging area by 6:45 AM. The ride starts promptly at 7:00 AM. All distances start together.  It is a mass start with police and vehicle escort with rolling road closures for the first section of the course so you must start on time with the group to be allowed to participate. 

LEXUS LEAD OUT  First 12 miles of the Gran Fondo Italia Beverly Hills will be held  at 15 – 20mph “warmup” pace with rolling road closure. The Mayor of Beverly Hills, Lili Bosse will join the group to the Beverly Hills city limits, and then we will escort Lt. Col Friend, a Tuskeegee Airman who will be assisted by Rahsaan Bahati for the first 4 miles.  Enjoy the Lexus and police escort out to the Pacific Coast Highway and over to Topanga Canyon road.

At the bottom of Topanga Canyon Road the police escort ends and all riders must follow rules of the road for the remainder of the course.  Ride safely, watch out for your fellow riders and prepare to do your best on the LEXUS KOM challenge at mile 53 for the long course riders.  Don’t forget, the Gran Fondo Italia Beverly Hills is a ride not a race.  The Lexus KOM on Piuma road is the real race this Sunday.

90 MILE COURSE CUT-OFF TIME.   All participants on the 90 mile Gran Fondo course must make the left turn onto Old Topanga Canyon Rd. from Mulholland Hwy (Mile Marker 22.3), by 9:15 am this is the deviation point from the Medium Fondo (47 mile route); This equates to a net average pace of 10.0 MPH.  Participants arriving at this point after 9:15 am will be required to continue onto the Medium Fondo Course. This is mandated by agreement with the various municipalities on the courses, and will be enforced by law enforcement; there will be no exceptions.

COURSE CLOSURE TIME. The event is officially over at 5:00 PM. Athletes must be off of the course and all services will end at that time. Riders still on the course will be required to take a SAG vehicle to the finish area.

AID STATIONS.  Each course will have aid stations. Be cautious when arriving at, and departing from, aid stations. Be sure to stay fueled and hydrated throughout your ride. Consult your cue sheet (available at registration) for specific locations of aid stations.

MECHANICAL SUPPORT. Please make sure your bike is in working order, and that you have your own spare tubes and tools.  During the ride, local bike shops will provide roaming mechanical support through their personnel and vehicles, for emergency repairs and assistance. There will be stationary support available at the start.

SAG SUPPORT. If you are unable to finish the event for some physical or mechanical reason, call the event dispatcher at (323) 972-4755.  You will be picked up as soon as feasible and either transported to the nearest aid station, where you can arrange to have someone pick you up, or back to the finish line as required by the demands of the event.  Please keep in mind that this is not a door-to-door taxi service, and there are other riders that also need to be supported.  Assistance will come as soon as possible however, to be safe, carry your own tube, patch kit, and CO2 or pump.

GPS DATA, ROUTE MAPS & CUE SHEETS. Route PREVIEWS for both courses can be found on the Gran Fondo website:

Official Cue Sheets will be distributed at packet pick-up.  Final turn-by-turn directions will be updated on MapMyRide prior to the event and a notice will be posted on our Facebook page.


The long route is a 94 mile course and includes 5 aid stations, and the 5.2 mile LEXUS KOM timed hill climb on Piuma Road with multiple award categories, including LEXUS KOM jerseys for the overall male and female winners and age group awards.  After the mass start ceremony and Italian countdown on the world-famous Rodo Drive you will head towards the scenic Southern California Coast with a Lexus and police escort. After a taste of ocean views from the Pacific Coast Highway riders will head north into the hills toward Topanga. Just after mile 23.4 the course splits with the 48 mile riders heading back to Beverly Hills and the finish line. 94 mile riders will begin a loop with fantastic mountain scenery, ocean views and serious climbing that includes the hill climb challenge.  The planned 94 mile course includes an approximate elevation gain of 9,000 ft, and the 48 mile course is approximately 3,000 ft.

ROUTE MARKING.  Both routes will be marked in two ways:  White signs with red arrows AND color-coded pavement stickers to mark every turn.  Red arrows will be on the ground for the medium course (48 miles).  Green arrows are for the long course (94 miles).   In certain areas, you will also see police, traffic officers, and volunteers.  While we are extremely diligent about marking the routes, some signs go missing (taken down or twisted by area residents), and riders talking and enjoying themselves have been known to miss signs.  Therefore the Cue Sheet should be your primary source of route information.

POST-RIDE LUNCH.  If your ride entry included Festa della Pasta (blue wristbands)  be our guest in the Montage dining room (back at Beverly Canon Gardens).  You will need your wristband for entry. Lunch is complimentary for riders with a blue wristband only.  Lunch starts at 10:00 and will close at 5:15pm.

AWARDS and RAFFLE.  The awards ceremony will held on the stage near the center of the expo at 2pm with the raffle immediately following.  Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 male and female overall winners and each age group winner.  You must be present to win.  (Gran Fondo Italia will not ship any prizes).

BIKE PARKING.  For safety and convenience, we are setting up a bicycle parking area at the street-level parking lot just north of Beverly Canon Gardens on Canon Drive.  

FILL YOUR BOTTLES. We have an early start time, so fill your bottles at home, and save time by being prepared to ride.  We will not have food or water available at the start.

RULES OF THE ROAD.  Except for the first 3 miles of the outbound section in the City of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles (CHP escort to mile 12), all roads are open to normal vehicular traffic. Please remember that all cyclists must obey all traffic laws; this includes – but is not limited to – traffic lights, stop signs, and crossing the double yellow line on the ascents and descents. Violators may be ticketed by local law enforcement and/or disqualified and removed from the event. All riders are personally responsible for knowing California’s vehicular codeCalifornia Law dictates that riders must utilize bicycle lanes whenever they are present and must ride single file.  Traffic rules will be enforced by the various law enforcement entities who are monitoring the event.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.  If you have-or witness—a crash or medical emergency, immediately call 911, and then call the event command center at (323) 972-4755. Secure the area to the best of your ability, but do not put yourself or others in additional danger while you wait for emergency personnel.


EVENT EXPO. The event expo will take place on Saturday 9/27/2014 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and Sunday 10:00am to 4:00pm. Entry is free, so be sure to check out the exhibitors and bring your family and friends!


Please be diligent about where you park and do not leave valuables in your vehicle.  There are parking garages in the area near the expo and city hall but please be aware that some of them have a low clearance and are not suitable for cars with roof racks.

The City of Beverly Hills has multiple parking garages near the event on Saturday & Sunday.  The normal price for a day is $20.  The City of Beverly Hills is providing participants the opportunity to park at any city-owned lot (see the list of parking garages) for only $5 per day through a special exit ticket.  These $5 Exit tickets will be sold at the registration desk at the expo and must be purchased before you leave to go back to your car.   You may purchase tickets for Saturday and Sunday at the same time.   The two lots designated for this event are  241 N Canon Drive (underneath the Expo at Beverly Canon Gardens) and 221 Crescent Dr (2 Blocks South of Finish Line).

WEATHER  We’re expecting great weather, but the event will take place, rain or shine; please dress and act accordingly.  Regardless, don’t forget your sunscreen!  And Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

QUESTIONS?  Contact us online or ask us at event expo on Saturday.

We appreciate your participation in the Gran Fondo Italia Beverly Hills! Thanks for making this event a Southern California cycling tradition. We wish you a safe and fun ride!

Best Regards,
Gran Fondo Italia



Please email info(at) for expo, sponsorship and partner opportunities.

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