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The format that joins recreational cycling and Italian lifestyle, for fans around the world, has a new organization named GRAN FONDO ITALIA, that is on the way with three dates not to be missed in the USA for 2014: Aspen-Snowmass the 10th of August, Atlanta-Roswell the 19th of October and Miami-Coral Gables on the 9th of November. For the first time, the event format goes to Brazil in Rio de Janeiro on the 16th of November. The series will be updated with new events in the next few weeks.

Everyone wants to be a cyclist and road cycling is seeing dynamic change, thanks to the manyraces organized in the last years. The export of the Italian format of “Gran Fondo” events – conceived by Matteo Gerevini in 2009 – began the popularity of this cycling phenomenon in the United States and in many other countries.

The new series named Gran Fondo Italia brings a blend of Italian atmosphere, cycling history, and Italian partnerships in the host cities that make it different and unique from other cycling events.

The Gran Fondo in “Italian style” was born five years ago in the USA and is the consistent theme of the many events organized all over the world by Gerevini. It is a format for recreational events focused on cycling and “made in Italy”.

«Since 2009 we have promoted Gran Fondo events worldwide with more than 30,000 cyclists – said Matteo Gerevini, founder of the Gran Fondo Italia LLC, the company that will organize all the events – in our events we conceived a format that has thrilled many American and international cyclists who are drawn to the Italian lifestyle».

«Just to give an example from our early events, we added the pasta party at the end of the event, usually involving the local Italian restaurants – said Gerevini – and then jerseys and technical bike products as part of the offerings, and our history goes back to the early days of using timed climbs to provide riders with markers for their achievements. All these details make the difference in a great experience, and we are well-positioned to provide an Italian experience that will keep our value unique and successful».

The Gran Fondo Italia series of international events will be uniquely positioned to offer “Made in Italy” to the cycling world with Italian producers of bikes and accessories that are real cult names in the American market and the participation of Italian brands in the food, wine and tourism industries that will bring unmatched benefits to all Gran Fondo Italia riders.

The Gran Fondo Italia calendar has four dates confirmed and more to be announced for 2014.It starts the 10th of August in Aspen-Snowmass in Colorado, in a very prestigious location.
«Being the host for the start and finish at the Gran Fondo Italia Aspen-Snowmass will be a thrill for our town – said Fred Brodsky, Snowmass Tourism group sales director – it’s a great opportunity to showcase the bike friendly activities in our region, celebrate the Italian heritage of the event, and show our incredible destination to cyclists from around the world».

The following event will be the 19th of October in Atlanta-Roswell in Georgia, a very well known traditional cycling area. The event will be organized in partnership with Southern Bicycle League. «Roswell and the Southern Bicycle League are thrilled to bring a great Italian experience to our region with the Gran Fondo Italia Atlanta – Roswell – declared Roswell’s Mayor Jere Wood – we have an incredible cycling community in our region and we look forward to providing an ongoing event for Georgia cyclists and cyclists around the world, complete with a full weekend of fabulous Italian culture and gourmet food».

On the 9th of November Gran Fondo Italia will be back to Miami-Coral Gables in Florida.Tomas Regalado, Mayor of Miami says: «We are very happy to have back for the fourth year the Gran Fondo in Miami-Coral Gables to continue the success of the past events. We love the “Italian feeling” of the event and we are excited to be part of the Gran Fondo Italia worlwide series. Miami is a bike friendly city and with the Gran Fondo we have an event with a friendly destination for cyclists from around the world».

On the 16th of November Gran Fondo Italia will be in Brazil, for the first edition of Gran Fondo Italia Rio de Janeiro: «The Gran Fondo Italia will be a milestone for the Olympic City of Rio de Janeiro in displaying the renowned beauty of our city for cyclists and visitors from around the world – explained Claudio Santos, President of the Cycling Federation of Rio – it will be a great honor to receive our friends to celebrate Italian cycling, and our athletes are already counting down. It will undoubtedly be the biggest event ever held in cycling throughout South America, with the glamor that only Italy can offer».

«We are working really hard to bring the events to great destinations overseas and around the world. We believe that the Gran Fondo Italia is part of Italian export – says Matteo Gerevini – and we have great partners in Italian companies that believe in the project, and that believe in the importance of investing in the most important world markets with quality events».

Gran Fondo Italia has started: “Ciao Mondo!”
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